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Facebook Ads Video Templates

Choose from tailor-made Facebook ad video templates to create professional quality videos.

Facebook Ads
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Free Facebook ad templates on InVideo

How to create facebook ad templates?

InVideo offers thousands of readymade facebook ad marketing templates for business across industries like fashion, food, fitness and a whole lot more. You can choose any of InVideo's facebook ad template and create your video ad. Once you have created your ad, you can duplicate your project on InVideo and use that as your default template saving you the effort to recreate a facebook ad from scratch every single time.

Are facebook ad templates in InVideo free?

Yes. You can use the templates on InVideo for free. InVideo offers a hoard of features that allow you to create your facebook ad for free. However, if you want to use iStock media or export your video in HD quality you might want to opt for one of our paid plans.

Can I customize the templates to fit my brand?

Yes, our templates are fully customizable and can be easily modified to fit your brand's style and messaging.

Do I need any special design skills to use the templates?

No special design skills are required to use our templates. They are easy to customize with your own content and branding.

How do I access the Facebook ad templates?

You just simply need to create an account or sign in to one. After that, you can freely browse our thousands of templates.