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Video Looper

Easily create endless loops of your favorite videos with our video looper tool.Simply upload a video to create a looped videos with our online video looping tool in a single click!
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How to Loop a Video on InVideo?


Upload your video file

Click the ‘Select video’ button and choose a clip from your device.

Loop It

Click the Loop option at the top menu. The loop icon will turn from black to blue. Stretch your timeline and see the elements repeat themselves in a loop.

Export your video

Hit export on the top right section. Download and use the looped video as needed.

Why use an online video looper tool?

Online video looping for emphasis

Gaining attention is the key to successful marketing. By making a video loop you can reinforce key message in your video.

Not just any other online video looper

InVideo is not just an ordinary video looping tool. If you look under the hood, it offers several simple and advanced editing features allowing you to make high-quality videos without requiring multiple tools. You can cut, crop, rotate, and trim your video clips with ease. If any clip is missing, you can easily search from over 8m+ stock footage to find the missing piece. Use video filters, transitions, and animation, and add a background score from our royalty-free audio library to create awesome videos!

Loop videos online for free with InVideo

InVideo offers you a platform where you can loop your video files absolutely free of cost. Simply click the loop option at the top of the screen. This will activate the loop feature, allowing you to extend the video's duration on the timeline to create a loop. The free plan comes with a small watermark. However, you can easily remove that by subscribing to any of our paid plans.

How to Loop Video Online in Under 5 Minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Advanced Editing Try the InVideo Editor

It is power-packed with 5000+ customizable templates, video stock footage from iStock, filters, and everything else you need. Try InVideo’s full-featured video editor.
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